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Sony Dubbed 2022’s Highest-Ranking Game Publisher

Sony has been dubbed 2022’s highest-ranking game publisher by Metacritic. This is a pleasant change in comparison to 2021 when Microsoft managed to snag that title away from the Japanese console maker.

2022 had 15 games released by Sony and not one got a bad review score, averaging out to a still “good” score of 85.6/100. Two games were even considered “great,” meaning they were deemed at least 90/100.

Other publishers found on the chart included Paradox Interactive, Activision Blizzard, Focus Entertainment, Take-Two Interactive, and more.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, it couldn’t even make the cut if they tried, having only released a total of four games ranked on Metacritic while its publisher ranking chart requires at least five.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, MLB: The Show 22 was the lowest scored game of Sony’s 2022 roster, accruing a still respectful 77/100.

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