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SIE Japan Studio Loses Bloodborne, Demon’s Souls Producer

Teruyuki Toriyama, the producer behind the widely popular Bloodborne and recently released PS5 Demon’s Souls remake, announced his departure from SIE Japan Studio. In his reveal on Twitter, the producer made it clear he won’t leave the field completely but rather move on and build up his own company.

He will officially depart at the end of this month.

Toriyama isn’t the first to leave SIE Japan Studio in recent months. Silent Hill director, Keiichiro Toyama, also said sayonara to the first-party studio earlier this month, too, in favor of his own studio.

This comes a meager month after the launch of the PS5 and reports of Sony sidelining its Japanese audience in favor of its western base. These rumors have, of course, been refuted by Sony.

What do you think? Will you follow whatever Toriyama comes up with? Tell us below!

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