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September Looking to be a Huge Month for PlayStation

Fall has basically arrived and along with it comes a slew of new games with more to come. But Sony, who has been pretty quiet by skipping some of the big events this year, looks to have a lot more up its sleeve for us this month.

PlayStation is looking to have a very large presence at the Tokyo Game Show later this week, boasting over 60 games on the floor to check out. Most notably, a large portion of time will be spent showing off more of Death Stranding. In fact, an almost 50 minute demo is slated to be shown off tomorrow.

Naughty Dog also has a media event coming up at the end of the month. On the 24th, they will be holding an event for the media in Los Angeles. Which means we should be getting some more coverage of The Last of Us II. Possibly even some more footage. Geoff Keighley was nice enough to post a teaser on Twitter a few days ago:

And to top things off, there are clues that these aren’t the only events planned for this month. It’s entirely rumor at this point but ResetEra user ZhugeEX made a comment on the announcement of the Naughty Dog event that perked many ears:

“This isn’t the only Sony event that week.”

ZhugeEX has been a pretty good source in the past but we’ll have to see what happens. Could this rumored event give us some more info on the upcoming PS5? One can only hope. Either way, September is looking to be a pretty big deal for PlayStation fans. Are you ready?

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