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Sable Dev Won’t Fix FPS On PS5, Needs To Make “New Stuff”

As part of the PlayStation Essential tier this month, fans were treated to Sable, an open-world exploration game. Unfortunately, it’s now being panned for poor optimization, and no patch is in the works.

Shedworks co-founder and the game’s Creative Director Gregorios Kythreotis responded on Twitter, explaining that it needed to move on and develop new things, and with it being a small team, it just can’t pull the resources and couldn’t find any larger company to come to its aid, saying the studios it did get in touch with wanted “insane money.”

As you’d probably expect, this didn’t sit well with the community, who are now furious that the team is just abandoning the game in its current state. Some are calling for Sony to pull the game from the PlayStation Store altogether, especially since the game — without PS+ this month — costs $24.99.

What do you think? Do you think Sable should be pulled? Will you ever get a game from Shedworks? Let us know below!

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