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Resturant Sim PlateUp! Heads To PS4, PS5

Resturant sim, PlateUp!, is hitting PlayStation next year, bringing its roguelite chaos with it. It joins Pacific Drive with its release month of February.

In a new trailer, the simulator title was given a new release date after its previous November launch was silently delayed. Developer It’s Happening, and Publisher Yogscast Games are now eyeing a February 15, 2024 release date. All the expected chaos is going to be right there in PlateUp!’s PlayStation versions, releasing both digitally and physically.

With a simple premise of advancing your culinary prowess with 15 days to do so, this little co-op roguelite cooking sim will surely spice up your gaming library and give you and your friends a good ol’ frustratingly fun good time, if the overwhelmingly positive PC version is any indicator, at least.

What do you think? Are you going to step into the kitchen with your friends? Will you forget the lamb sauce? Let us know below!

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