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Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption PS4 Port Is The Bare Minimum

When fans uncovered hints that Rockstar Games was working on bringing the original PS3 Red Dead Redemption to modern hardware, it was understandably met with a lot of hope, only for it to be squashed. The game hasn’t been available outside of its native Seventh-Gen consoles, going as far as even lacking a PC version. 

While some hoped for a PS5 version, Rockstar was more interested in bringing it to the PS4 and — of all systems — the Switch. As it releases, Digital Foundry has taken time to look over the game and its new features, finding it a bare minimum effort.

The game is locked at 30fps, even when playing with backward compatibility on modern hardware. Games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Assassin’s Creed Origins, the Destroy All Humans remake, and more all bring the ability to play at 60fps. It does come with AMD’s upscaling technology FSR 2 as well as the inferior FXAA, but that’s about it in making the game distinct.

What makes this worse is much of the game’s elements still run at 720p, which means menus can look blurry and textures are more or less untouched.

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