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Red Dead Redemption Hits PS4 Next Week

After a ton of speculation, rumors, and leaks, news of a remaster of Red Dead Redemption has come to a head with Rockstar Games unveiling plans to launch the game to the previous-gen console. Yeah, it’s coming to PS4 and isn’t a remaster at all but rather a simple port.

The Red Dead Redemption port, co-developed by Rockstar Games San Diego and Double Eleven, will come bundled with Undead Nightmare, the zombie-based story DLC that launched during the spooky season of that year. Unfortunately, the port isn’t reviving all the content from the original Red Dead, as while all the single-player stuff is likely to remain intact, multiplayer is a no-go. This is likely cause they don’t need to manage three different multiplayer games, especially when the original RDR’s multiplayer was mixed, at best.  

This reveal kind of stings for people who hoped for a bigger reveal. Red Dead Online is — for the most part — out the door with most of its crew pushed into the next Grand Theft Auto, with no regular content updates, though new content is coming this month, which is certainly a nice nod to the active fanbase. 

It’s also a huge bummer for some that this isn’t a PS5 port. Instead, we’d have to rely on the backwards compatibility of the PS5 to play it, which isn’t quite ideal. We’ll see a digital-only release on August 17, meanwhile, physical collectors get a much-deserved win as the game will receive a physical release in October.

The biggest positive for it hitting the PS4 rather than the PS5 is that it’s not beholden to the new standardized price for AAA games, case in point, it’ll retail at the much more reasonable $49.99.

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