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PS5 Pre-Orders Go Live Early, Instantly Sold Out

We all knew the day was coming. We all knew it would be hectic and it certainly was. Sony revealed the price and release date of the PS5. Setting up to launch alongside its competitor, pre-orders were set to go live today. That said, a plethora of stores jumped the gun and began selling it early.

Retailers like Best Buy, GameStop, Walmart, and a few more hedged their bets and launched their pages ahead of the curve. The result? All consoles were almost immediately sold out and even broke the checkout pages on some occasions. Surprising? Absolutely not. Sony’s reveal of the price, which will cost $399 or $499, based on the version you opt to go for, was sudden and gave very little notice for people to react.

We already knew Sony’s flagship console would be a hot-sell. Due to COVID-19, the console’s manufacturing was hindered, with them only planning on manufacturing 10 million units this year. Don’t worry, though, some of us here at PSX Extreme managed to pre-order some, as such, we’re aiming to rely some cool PS5 news and reviews once the console launches on November 12.

What do you think? Are you one of the lucky ones? Tell us below!

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3 years ago

The preorders from Sony itself went off today (Fri, 9/18), on schedule. I had to wait in a queue for about 35 minutes, but I got mine ordered. Release-day delivery – so maybe not 8am, but before the end of the day.

I should clarify – you had to sign up on the web site to ask for the preorder, get an invite (came a few hours after the video dropped Wednesday), log in on time, and wait your turn. But it worked (for me, at least). On release day I’ll have to wait for UPS or FedEx or whoever, but it will still be better than waiting for availability weeks later.

Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger
Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger
3 years ago
Reply to  Earl

Yeah, I ordered mine from Best Buy on the 16th. Sorry if the article was confusing. I wrote it up at around 11 PM and scheduled it.

3 years ago

There are still so many PS5 questions still to answer. Will PS4 games just work, without needing an update or certification from Sony? With PS4 Pro enhancements, when available, at the minimum? Are there titles Sony knows won’t work, since they’ve said 99% will?

When do digital pre-orders for PS5 games go live in the PS Store?

The expensive version of Miles Moralis includes a PS5-enhanced copy of the original Spider-Man- what other options are there to get that? I own the PS4 version on disk, and bought the DLC – will I have to pay for the enhanced version, or will there be a free upgrade option?

Can they confirm which other Sony studio PS4 games will get PS5 enhanced versions, and whether or not they’ll be upgrades (extra cost)?

When do we learn more about the adapter for the PS4 camera?

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