It’s looking like Sony is doing its best to meet demand. Originally, Sony warned that COVID-19 led to a hitch in the release of the PS5 in some way. It would still launch as planned this holiday season but it wouldn’t produce nearly as many as its precursor at the start.

According to Bloomberg (via PlayStation LifeStyle) the console is going to – hopefully – hit 10 million consoles produced by the end of the year. The first batch started production back in June and will be done by September if all goes well. Meanwhile, they hope to produce another five million throughout October and December.

The hardest thing to know, however, is whether it will still work out. While they have a decent number of consoles they plan to sell, they still have to tack on shipping, which is a wary industry right now.

What do you think? Are you going to try and get your hands on a PS5 on launch? Tell us below!

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