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PS5 sales

PS5 Can’t Stop Flying Off The Japanese Shelves

Despite Switch games being the top five games sold, the PlayStation 5 is still. Things get a little murky when combined totals are taken into consideration, though.

Famitsu (via Gematsu) numbers are in, and while the top half of the best-selling games list is all Switch-related, hardware-wise, Sony’s current-gen home console is still flying off the shelves, taking first place when compared alone. When lumping together all models, though, Switch takes the top spot models at 65,555, while the PlayStation 5 and 4 models total 62,912.

Meanwhile, Xbox is predictably dead last within the same metric, with all its models squeaking by at 3,126. Of course, this is largely expected from Xbox as it simply has had a tough time properly breaking into the Japanese market, whereas both Sony and Nintendo are Japanese-based companies.

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