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PS Plus Free Games for March Include Giant Beasts and The Blue Blur

There hasn’t been much activity in the world of games so far this year. Mainly because of several delays on big name games that were slated to come out these first few months. Despite all that, we still get a nice little treat for PS Plus members next month. An epic showdown with giant beasts and an adventure with Sonic and friends grace our free PS Plus games for March 2020.

Shadow of the Colossus

There is a reason that this game is hailed by many as one of the most memorable games ever: it’s pretty dang epic. It’s a game that is basically all boss fights and takes place in a barren world. Play as Wander, armed only with your bow and sword in an effort to revive your lost loved one. While that sounds a bit unusual on paper, it’s so well executed and is still to this day, a one of a kind adventure. It’s full of mystery and wonder and if you haven’t played it, this is the perfect opportunity to check out this classic. It’s worth noting that this is the HD remake that was released in 2018.

Sonic Forces

Although slightly less epic than the previous game, Sonic Forces has something to offer for the Sonic fans out there. In this game, Dr. Eggman, with the help of a new villian, has succeeded in taking over the world. It’s up to Sonic and his friends to form a resistance to take him down. This game includes some different elements including the ability to make your own characters and also has both 2d and 3d sections of the game. While not the best in the 3d series of Sonic, it is going to be free so it could be worth checking out.

And those are the free games coming to PS Plus next month. Not a bad month overall.

What do you think of these free games? Are you excited for either them? 

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