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PlayStation Stars Points Can Be Redeemed For Stellar Blade Now

PlayStation Stars folks can now redeem their points for Stellar Blade. Sony also recently included other PlayStation exclusive titles like Rise of the Ronin and the wildly popular Helldivers 2.

As spotted by kuro_snow on Reddit, they noticed that players who racked up 17,500 points can redeem them for a copy of Stellar Blade. This is on-par with Rise of the Ronin’s PlayStation Stars points price. This isn’t a “discounted” price, though, as pointed by out PSLS, 5,000 points equals around $20.

In case you somehow aren’t aware of what PlayStation Stars is, it’s PlayStation’s rewards program to Incentivize players to keep purchasing, playing, and trophy hunting games. You can earn points for each action done and traded in for select games and digital goods. It’s actually not a bad program, especially if you’re a daily PlayStation player.

What do you think? What level are you on PlayStation Stars? Let us know below!

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