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PlayStation Plus Essential

PlayStation Plus Essential December 2022 Games Leak

It’s been this way for some time, forum user, billbil-kun, leaked the next games coming to PlayStation Plus Essential ahead of the official reveal.

We still haven’t heard word from Sony about what the games actually are, but we can safely say the games listed on Dealabs are probably going to be the ones, if past months are any indicator.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

What’s better than one game? Three games. Coming to PS4 users with PS5 cross-compatibility, Mass Effect Legendary Edition lets you traverse the stars as Commander Shepard once again in the three landmark entries. In our review, we praised it for keeping to the compelling and ambitious story while keeping it engaging and stellar gameplay experience and bold design.


Biomutant takes the second slot. This Experiment 101-developed action adventure sees you looking to save the Tree of Life while interacting with plenty of fellow mutated animals in your journey. You can pick up both the PS4 and PS5 native copies.

Divine Knockout

Devine Knockout is something of a different breed, though, it does give a point to when we the next line of games are going to be available for pick up. This fighting platformer allows you to battle your friends or online randos in a third-person, 3D environment. Just like Biomutant, PS4 and PS5 native copies are up for grabs.

Those are what we can expect to get for the PlayStation Plus Essential tier. Much like previous months, they’re just fine and with PlayStation 5 games priced the way they are, it might be easier to see the positive of a new game, even if it’s a bit dated or off-the-wall.

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