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PlayStation Home Was “10-15 Years Ahead Of Its Time,” Sony Boss Declares

Sony bigwig Jim Ryan brings up PlayStation Home as being “10-15 years ahead of its time,” as metaverse becomes the next big thing. If you were around during the height of the PS3 era, you no doubt came across this 3D online social hub full of minigames and a dedicated community.

The rare comment wasn’t from an official statement or anything, but rather, it stemmed from the ongoing Microsoft-Activision vs. FTC legal dispute (via PSLS). Apparently, a Q&A with investors at Fidelity asked about metaverse plans and PlayStation Home came up as an early form of the concept that was “10-15 years ahead of its time.”

Ryan noted that Sony has multiple projects in the works and that it sees great potential in metaverse as a concept. The investors also specifically asked about PSVR 2 and its future in the space, this prompted him to note that it does have a future in the space “down the road.”

What do you think? Do you want PlayStation Home back? Let us know below!

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