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PlayStation Exclusive Stray Swipes Korea Rating

New details might boil over for BlueTwelve Studio’s cyberpunk cat adventure announced during The Future of Gaming that also housed the design reveal of the PlayStation 5, Stray. As spotted by Gematsu, the title was recently rated for release in South Korea. The page omits any sort of release date, but it’s possible with this public knowledge, BlueTwelve and Annapurna Interactive might actually come forward with more information.

Stray follows a — well — stray cat as it roams the techno-city in search for an escape after getting separated from its family. The game is mostly made for stealth and puzzle solving abilities to progress.

Initially, the game targeted a 2020 release, but of course events made that more difficult and they shifted focus for an early 2022 release, leaving the window just wide enough for some wiggle room. Thing is, it’s getting kinda late to call it “early” in the year, so hopefully they’re gonna give fans something to whet their appetite if they need a bit more time.

Gematsu’s Original Stray Tweet

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