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No Man's Sky Beyond

Physical No Man’s Sky Beyond Copies Coming Next Month

No Man’s Sky Beyond is hitting store shelves next month. According to the PlayStation Blog, the physical copies will include all the extra DLC that released before Beyond. This includes the six free DLC such as The Abyss, NEXT, Pathfinder, and more.

Beyond launched last week with a slurry of new features to play with. Not only was the game made more social-friendly with multiplayer, but it also added VR compatibility.

No Man’s Sky really made a 180 from its initial release. The game had quite a controversial beginning when several features were missing from the end result of the years Hello Games poured into it.

It was made even worse as the spearhead of the project made claims that never appeared in the game. But, with the release of these free updates and DLC, they’ve been trying to make amends and bring to fruition content that never made it initially.

Physical No Man’s Sky Beyond copies will be for sale September 10 in the US and September 11 in Europe.

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