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Ghost of Tsushima

People Pet A Lot Of Foxes In Ghost Of Tsushima

We all know there is a fair bit to do in Ghost of Tsushima. As it turns out, though, fans found quite a bit of enjoyment in the fact the foxes are pettable. In a recent tweet, PlayStation detailed a ton of accomplishments in the first 10 days of Ghost of Tsushima’s release.

From about 810.3 years spent on horseback collectively to 15.5 million pictures taken. One stat is a bit different than the rest. Among the number of duels, pictures taken, and shrines honored list, they gave us insight into the number of players that went about petting the foxes they come across. In the first 10 days, it totaled to about 8.8 million players.

What do you think? Have you pet a fox? Tell us below!

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