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Over 40K PS5s Have Sold Daily In 2023

Sony’s PlayStation 5 has seen great success throughout the year, exemplified by strong sales to the tune of 40,000 units every day this year.

An earlier Finbold report showcases that the Japanese home console averaged over a million units sold every month from January to October. Considering we’re within the holiday season, though, and Sony expects a strong showing for the console this year, we expect this month will have a massive spike. That spike is also all the more possible thanks to the Slim model in circulation, which has stronger memory.

Industry insider Tom Henderson seems to believe that the console could, within two years, break 100 million units sold, which would mark itself second-place to the PS2, which capped off at 155 million units.

What do you think? Are you planning on picking up a PS5 for the holidays? Do you already have one? Are you planning on buying a Slim? Let us know below!

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2 months ago

I need a ps5 console as a birthday gift from sony

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