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Original Until Dawn Team Surprised When Supermassive Took Over

Before Supermassive Games took the reigns of Until Dawn (read our review), Sony London Studio was having its time in the faded limelight. The original version was never shown off outside of a small portion of a PlayStation Move promo.

In an interview with Time Extension, former staffers at the studio noted its version was axed in early 2011, with layoffs coming forward when the PS3-bound PS Move game hit a brick wall. To this day, it isn’t clear why Sony handed the reigns to Supermassive, as many at London Studio felt the game was coming along nicely.

The more heartaching part is seeing a new version of what it created, sources at the outlet said it was “soul-destroying,” and the team didn’t know it was shifted to another studio, for all the team knew, the game was never going to see the light of day.

This must’ve been even worse as the game went on to define a lot of what Supermassive produces — narrative-driven, player-choice-heavy story games.

What do you think? Would you be interested in a glimpse at what London Studio was making before it was handed to Supermassive? Let us know below!

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