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Newest Helldivers 2 Patch Is Causing Crashes

Helldivers 2’s 1.000.103 patch is leading to bouts of crashes for players. Fear not, though, Arrowhead Game Studios is on the case.

In a statement on the game’s Discord (via IGN), Arrowhead’s community manager, Twinbeard, says the team is “deep down in the trenches” working on fixing the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the patch also seemed to affect Galactic War’s player contribution tracking, which of course is kind of an important part of the third-person shooter, and the team is looking into that, as well.

“We know that many of you are experiencing a lot of crashes at the moment (seemingly linked to the patch deployed earlier today, which at least resolved the persistent friend request issue for a lot of players). Our team is deep down in the trenches digging into the issue as we speak. We are on alert ready to update on any changes here. We’re very sorry @everyone for not being able to supply you with the glorious feeling of bug and bot stomping and hope to have the game more stable as soon as possible.”

Have you experienced frequent Helldivers 2 crashes lately or have you been spared so far?

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