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Naughty Dog

New The Last Of Us Part 2 Version In The Works

Composter Gustavo Santaolalla has dropped some news that could either shock fans or be wholly expected. It sounds like The Last of Us Part 2 (read our review) is getting a new version.

During an interview with Spanish-language Blender, he discussed a cameo in the game where people can interact with him and watch him play music. Without thinking, he talked about a “new version” before scrambling to mention that he can’t talk about anything else on the matter.

There are two possible situations here — either he could be talking about the Director’s Cut, which has been mentioned here and there by prominent game journos like Tom Henderson, who asserted a possible latter half of 2023 as its release. The other possibility is the game could be a PS5 remake. It wouldn’t be too shocking if PlayStation wants Naughty Dog to make the current-gen version stand out from the previous version with added content.

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