Gran Turismo 7

Despite a beloved racing sim franchise, Gran Turismo 7 is in some hot water thanks in large part to Polyphony Digital’s recent patch. The patch, which among other things, have certain cars’ in-game price increase to more accurately reflect the real world price tag.  

The price evaluation can be chalked up to Sony’s partnership with Hagerty, a specialty insurance provider in Michigan, which was put in charge to valuate the rarest and most expensive cars in the game. The Ferrari F40, for example, doubled its price, according to a GTPlanet user who seemingly dug into some datamining stuff.

This isn’t the first — and probably won’t be the last — time the studio found itself facing the ire of its fanbase. A previous update saw Polyphony make it difficult to acquire new cars without spending money on microtransactions by providing less money during select activities. The Gran Turismo 7 team did later reevaluate and balance the in-game economy.

If nothing happens between now and then, Hagerty will once again regrade the Legend grade car prices sometime in August. Meanwhile in gaming adjacent news, District 9’s director’s been reportedly tapped to direct a Gran Turismo film.

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