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Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo Movie In Very Early Stage

We already have a God of War TV show in the works and now apparently a Gran Turismo movie, too. Broken earlier this week by Deadline, Sony Pictures and PlayStation Productions is of course behind this and very little known of the plot is known. It’s possible, though, Elysium’s Neill Blomkamp is taking on the task of directing. 

This had a secondary bit of news associated to a potential streaming service-aimed TV series based on the driving sim franchise. Once again, specifics are under wraps and the movie is in the early stages, so we’ll have a long ways to wait until we hear more, especially in terms of plot, we’re sure.

Started in 1997 by Polyphony and Kazunori Yamauchi, the Gran Turismo franchise is heralded as not only one of the highest-selling franchises under the PlayStation banner, selling over 85 million copies, but also one of the most authentic driving sims out there in general.

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