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Landmark Lawsuit Sees Cheat Seller Infringing On Bungie’s Copyright

Behind the scenes, Bungie has been fighting cheat seller AimJunkies for the last three years over copyright and trademark infringement. Now, it seems the cheat seller is, indeed, liable for the charges in this landmark lawsuit.

As reported by TorrentFreak, the jury were in favor of Bungie, forcing AimJunkies, Pheonix Digital Group, and independent developer James May to pay the Sony-owned studio $63,210. This is a landmark lawsuit, as no suit has ever successfully been in favor of the developer against the cheat maker.

This means that’s certainly some implications going forward that might lead to some cheat sellers to second guess their life paths. Bungie and AimJunkies aren’t done butting heads, though, as the $4.4 million arbitration is still under appeal and once that goes through, it’s possible for the cheat maker to appeal the jury verdict.

Additionally, Stephen Totilo spoke with Bungie lawyer James Barker who praised the professionalism of the judge and his staff.

“We are grateful for the diligence, professionalism, and care exercised by the Judge, his staff, and the Jury.”

He also adds this won’t be the last time cheat sellers may be taken to trial if they mess with Bungie and its players.

“We’re committed to our players and will continue to protect them against cheats, including taking this and future cases all the way to trial.”

What do you think? Are you glad the lawsuit is finally over? Let us know below!

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