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Kojima Productions Partners With Sony

The recent State of Play covered quite a bit in its 40-minute runtime. Among the standouts, include famed developer Hideo Kojima announcing his partnership with Sony with his new action-espionage game, codenamed Physint. From how it sounds, it’s gonna basically be a Metal Gear game without the branding, as it’s owned by Konami, which wants nothing to do with Kojima.

During the event, Kojima announced this new IP, one that will be a “next-generation action espionage game.” It isn’t in full development just yet, though, as the team is aiming to go all-in on it once Death Stranding 2 launches, which is aiming for a 2025 release.

As this is Kojima we’re talking about, the game was described as a crossover of a “movie” and game that will “transcend the barriers” of the mediums. In terms of Sony’s involvement, no doubt PlayStation Studios will dabble in its development, but more notably, its Columbia Pictures label is involved. Whatever it is this legendary developer has in store, we’re sure it’s gonna be something special.

What do you think? Does Kojima’s pitch sound interesting? Let us know below!

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