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Immortals Of Aveum Could Head To PS Plus Subscriptions, Per CEO

In a year filled with so many blockbuster sequels and remasters, you’d be forgiven for missing out on the fresh IP that was Immortals of Aveum, a magic-based FPS that was brought to life by Ascendant Studios, might be heading to subscription services. The game was released back in August of this year to mixed reviews

In a recent interview with Windows Central, CEO Bret Robbins revealed that the studio is hoping to have the game feature on subscription services like PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass. He went on to state that, at this moment, they do not have a date but expressed that he’s pretty sure it’ll happen.

At the moment, the game has been reduced in hopes of catching audiences looking for something new or potential Christmas presents with the Black Friday sales. The game released a free trial on November 18, which would let players explore the first three chapters of the game and even carry over their progress if they decided to go ahead and purchase the game.

Did you play Immortals of Aveum on release? Or was this another title that slipped by in a jam-packed year of games? How soon do you think Immortals of Aveum will take to arrive on subscription services? Let us know below!

“We don’t have a date yet […] I’m pretty sure it’s going to happen.”

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