Horizon Forbidden West

As Burning Shores launched today, some may be happy to hear Guerrilla Games has added a slew of accessibility options in  Horizon Forbidden West. One option that is seemingly a standout is its Thalassophobia Mode.

The news can be found over on Reddit. For those who don’t know, Thalassophobia is the phobia or intense fear of large bodies of water, especially if they’re deep and dark. With this mode turned on, it amps up the ambient vision and allows the player to basically breathe underwater permanently, no matter how far you are into the storyline.

Other accessibility options in Horizon Forbidden West include enlarging text, automatically picking things up, color blindness options, and more.

We’re sure this is an option plenty of gamers will appreciate, even if they aren’t plagued with Thalassophobia. We can all relate to hating water levels anyway, right?

Horizon Forbidden West – Patch 1.21
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