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Helldivers 2 To Require PSN To Play On PC

Arrowhead Game Studio’s smash-hit Sony-published shooter, Helldivers 2 isn’t having a great end of the week as Sony will soon force players to link their PSN to their Steam if they want to keep playing the game. This was a planned requirement at launch, but it was removed due to “technical difficulties.”

Announced on Steam, the game would be requiring existing players connect a PSN to their Steam profile by June 4, with screens more present starting on May 30. It’s led to a huge amount of backlash, ranging from those who simply don’t want a PSN because they bought it on Steam or those who literally can’t because it’s not supported in their region, which is a fair concern.

It’s worth pointing out this isn’t Arrowhead’s fault, but rather its publisher, Sony, pulling the strings here. The studio’s CEO even notes the massive onslaught of negative reviews as “warranted” on Twitter, While some of its mods are being rather snide to the community, it does seem like it’s more tongue-and-cheek rather than serious animosity and they do really care to make sure its community is as large as can be.

Based on some messages on Discord, such as one from Twinbeard, Arrowhead is chasing Sony for more info on region related stuff, likely to ensure those who bought the game can still play it even if they live in a country where PSN doesn’t exist, which might we add isn’t an insignificant part of the world, with the service only operational in 73 countries.

Meanwhile, its supports tend to lean on the fact games like Minecraft need a Microsoft account, Ubisoft games need a Ubi account, Bethesda games need Bethesda accounts, etc. even if purchased on Steam.

What do you think? Are PC gamers overblowing the situation since other games need third-party accounts, too? Let us know below!

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