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Guerrilla Collective

Guerrilla Collective Makes A Return This June

In just over a week, Geoff Keighley will be kicking off Summer Game Fest, complete with some big developer reveals and updates. But it turns out that’s not the only event to look forward to.

If you’re more interested in the smaller-scale scene, then turn your heads to the day before when Guerrilla Collective makes its return. PlayStation is, obviously, one of the event’s sponsors, and it already has some confirmed games as part of the event.

The games confirmed for this Guerrilla Collective are Mega Cat Studios’ WrestleQuest, Angry Demon Studio’s Gori: Cuddly Carnage, and Shared Memory’s Animal Well. The last of which will be the debut publishing venture for indie game publisher, BigMode.

The event will be both online and have onsite stuff, as well. It kicks off on June 7 and wraps up on June 13.

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