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Animal Well

YouTuber’s Indie Publishing Label Reveals Animal Well As First Project

In case you missed the news, back in September, popular gaming YouTuber videogamedunkey revealed his own publishing label, BigMode. The label has just recently revealed its first game, Animal Well.

Billy Basso, who also goes by Shared Memory, is the lone developer behind this Metroidvania puzzle solver. In the game, you’re expected to fill out the map by lighting candles and exploring the labyrinth to uncover all the hidden secrets found within.

Animal Well will feature a nonlinear experience full of fresh puzzles that will be discovered for years to come. You’ll have to observe enemies, objects, and the environment itself to solve these puzzles and get to the end.

BigMode’s involvement marks the first project of this massive YouTuber’s publishing venture and will really offer insight into how well this was planned and if it could successfully find a way to get this game in front of a wide audience.

No release date has been set, but we do know it’ll be arriving on the PS5.

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