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Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 Sprint Controls Fixed After A Decade

A lot of controls have changed over the years, from a PC player using WASD as its movement — rather than the arrow keys — or a PlayStation player using X to confirm options rather than circle, something that is also a standard elsewhere in the world until the ninth gen. Another staple standard is that of holding a button to sprint, something that Grand Theft Auto V didn’t get the memo.

Instead of holding down the button, you’re left frantically smashing the sprint button repeatedly to keep the momentum. It seems Rockstar is finally rectifying this relic of a decision after a whopping 10 years.

While the full context of the patch notes stems from GTA Online, it likely works on offline play as well. It’s fascinating that it’s taken Rockstar this long to give fans an alternative means to sprint, you can change your sprinting method in the Settings menu when the update goes live on June 13.

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