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New TMNT Game

God Of War Inspires Upcoming New TMNT Game

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are taking a sidestep to flesh out a more angsty game concept further. This new TMNT game is based on The Last Ronin, a dark and mature timeline where only one of the four turtles remains while the others perished by the Foot Clan. The sole remaining turtle then wielded all four weapons as his own.

During an interview with Polygon, SVP of Paramount Global’s games and emerging media division, Doug Rosen, discussed the title and how the game will primarily be single-character, which is different from the last games featuring the Ninja Turtles. He also touched on the fact the game drew some inspiration from Santa Monica Studio’s God of War and even made direct comparisons between the two.

While most of the game will be spent playing as this one turtle, this new TMNT game may feature flashbacks, which Rosen alludes to the possibility of other playable characters through there.

We still have a ways to wait, unfortunately, with the SVP saying they’re still “a few years off,” but nonetheless, this has the potential to be a treat for those looking for new TMNT content.

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