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Elden Ring

FromSoftware Becomes Sole Owner Of Elden Ring IP

Developer FromSoftware has seemingly become the sole owner of the Elden Ring IP, meaning it doesn’t have to take orders from publisher Bandai Namco. We doubt this will change the future of the successful title.

As reported by PSU, changes to the Elden Ring trademark filing has surfaced, showing that the Japanese game dev has acquired the sole rights to the Soulslike. In and of itself, it’s actually been some time since Bandai’s been involved in the game, as the transfer appears to have happened all the way back in April.

Based on a Reddit post, FromSoft was able to acquire sole rights to the game because of investments from big players, namely Sony and Chinese media megacorporation Tencent.

FROMSOFTWARE is now the sole owner of Elden ring IP, thanks to Sony and Tencent investments to help the developer self-publish.
byu/YasuhiroK inPS5

What do you think? Are you glad for the Japanese game dev? Let us know below!

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