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E3 2022

E3 Is Officially No More

E3 has struggled to adapt, it’s been a showcase of the industry but largely stayed the same since its inception… now it’s no more. As a whole, E3 was rather historically significant for PlayStation gamers, as the very with the original PlayStation and the PS3 first presented during its run.

It was revealed on Twitter that E3 is closing its doors for good. This comes after a string of years where organizers put the event on ice in favor of next year. Many significant developers realized that if it plays its cards right, it could offer its own showcase or simply announce stuff on social media and get the attention of its existing fanbase. Basically, E3, in particular, unfortunately, lost its luster, and its legacy prestige just couldn’t help it.

In the note penned by the organizers, it thanked people for the memories. The last E3 was 2021’s all-digital event, which saw the likes of Take-Two Interactive, Nintendo, Gearbox Software, Ubisoft, Capcom, and more, participating in the event. This is to say, we aren’t totally surprised the gaming event has left for the farm.

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