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Don’t Nod Has 4 Unannounced Games In The Works

Life is Strange developer Don’t Nod has a whopping seven games in the works, with four of them being unannounced. The French game dev is internally developing five of the seven while Tolima and Tiny Bull Studios step up to externally develop the other two.

In an interview, IGN reported this planned reorganization with its Paris and Montreal studios getting name-dropped. Currently, its Montreal studio is hard at work on what feels like a spiritual successor to the Life is Strange series, Lost Records: Bloom & Rage.

On top of its sizable project count, Don’t Nod isn’t thrusting itself into the AAA space, believing — especially due to the state of the industry — studios need to focus on AA games rather than AAA.

“We have action RPG, [Don’t Nod executive Sophie Filip] mentioned it with Vampyr and Banishers. We have the studio in Montreal, which is also very important for us with the Life is Strange team. And we also have another branch in Paris, which is the action adventure branch, which when people will also be able to continue to increase their know-how and do better and better games from game to game.

We feel like also in response to what’s happening in the industry, we need to focus on the games that are more AA or a bit above that, not necessarily going into the AAA landscape. So it’s a bit easier also for us to really focus our efforts and our different talents to hopefully avoid being in the situation where we have to make tough decisions. So, focusing and building is our main focus right now.”

What do you think? Are you excited for Don’t Nod’s future?

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