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Disney Speedstorm’s Frozen inspired Season 5 Starts Tomorrow

With Winter upon us and Frozen celebrating its 10th anniversary, Gameloft has Let It Go and dropped their Frozen-themed Season 5 for Disney Speedstorm. Back on April 18, the game was released as a paid early access game that delivered the first three seasons of the game with themed content around Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and Lilo and Stitch. The game then went free to play following its official launch on September 28, alongside the Aladdin-inspired season 4 that covered October and November.

Starting November 30, season 5 will run for two months just like every other season. Season 5 will grant racers access to a brand new season pass to work through alongside new tracks set in the world of Frozen. On top of this, there’ll be eight new characters arriving on the track throughout season 5, featuring characters from Frozen (Kristoff, Olaf, Anna, Elsa, and Hans), alongside limited-timed events that will run to unlock Wall-E (Yes, he’s driving a car and we have no idea how), as well as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and his love interest Ortensia. Certainly, there is a lot of content to get stuck into over the next few months.

Just in time for the new season, Gameloft has also provided updates to the game following the community feedback it’s received. These include limited timed events to improve racers of your choice instead of predetermined ones, alongside this, the “It All Started With A Mouse” time-limited event will allow players to earn Mickey shards all the way to level 5, instead of the previously capped level 3.

On top of events, they have addressed some balancing issues with certain racers and decreased the duration and speed loss received from rival used skills. You can find all the information on these changes inside Gameloft’s Community Pitstop.

Not sure whether to try out Disney Speedstorm? Why not check out our review of the game here. We said that it was ‘At its core, this solid kart racer does just enough to make it worth checking out.’

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