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Bloodborne Kart Delayed, Rebranding In Progress

Bloodborne Kart has been delayed as it rebrands itself to wipe away the FromSoftware soulslike branding after Sony contacted the developer. We aren’t surprised, though, we are shocked it took Sony this long to pick up on the fan game.

As expressed in a YouTube video, it still plans on releasing the game, but has to delay it to undergo the rebranding, as it was releasing in only a matter of days — January 31. This kart racer was poised to have it all — 12 characters, 16 maps, a single-player campaign, split-screen couch co-op, and even boss battles against some familiar creatures.

Luckily, developer Lilith “Bunlith” Walther isn’t too bothered and had expected something like this happen, so we suspect she already has some rebranding plans to keep the essence of her vision intact.

What do you think? Are you still gonna keep an eye on this indie kart racer? Let us know below!

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