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Bloodborne Beats Most Of 2023’s PS5 Games’ Player Counts

Bloodborne (read our review) player count is still going strong to this day. In fact, it’s even beating out a good portion of 2023 PS5 games in terms of its player count.

This 2015 game, part of the FromSoftware library, is still raking in new players and continues to outshine PS5 games, according to TrueTrophies. The outlet took the gameplay data from 3.5 million active PSN accounts and found that even games that came out this year are finding it harder to keep up with this cult hit.

Games like Dead Island 2, Atomic Heart, Monster Hunter Rise, Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Collection, Forspoken Dead Space, and more have all been bested by this nearly decade-old PS4 FromSoft title. This data is from July, though, but we can’t imagine Bloodborne has fallen that hard from grace since.

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