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Bloober Team Inks “Significant Distribution Deal” With Sony

Bloober Team, which has a storied history of horror games, has signed a deal with Sony. This deal is a “significant distribution deal” that gives Sony distribution rights of some of the dev’s library to a new system.

While it’s unclear what this new distribution system is, odds are they’re slipping in some of Bloober’s award-winning games to the higher PlayStation Plus tiers. The dev does have a sizable backlog of horror games and games itself already on PlayStation platforms like Observer, Layers of Fear, Blair Witch, and their most recent smash-hit, The Medium.

This isn’t the extent of their PlayStation backlog, however. Before it went the way of the wind, Bloober Team developed games like History Egypt Engineering an Empire and Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder on the PSP. This led into both A-Men and its sequel alongside Deathmatch Village on the PS3 and PS Vita. Finally, their last two non-horror games released on the PS4 were Basement Crawl and Brawl before the studio started sticking to horror games.

On top of its backlog, it’s possible Sony could be involved with future titles from the developer, though, that’s just some rumor.

The inked deal also pours fuel on the fiery rumor that the indie developer is in-the-works of some sort of Silent Hill project, but we all know where these types of rumors end up if taken too seriously — heartbreak for fans and frustration for the supposed developer.

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