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Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Receiving No More New Content

As we get closer further into 2023, it seems games are taking a sideline as Back 4 Blood, the Left 4 Dead spiritual successor, developed by Turtle Rock Studios won’t have any more post-launch content. The game isn’t going to fully shut down, though.

In an announcement on its website, the studio is moving onto a new game, and as a result of them being a small team making a AAA game, it had to decide if it wanted to keep working on new content for its four-player online experience or venture forth into other pastures.

Unlike other games as of late, just because they’re stepping away from developing new content, that doesn’t mean Back 4 Blood is going offline. The game will remain operational and is currently part of the Extra and Premium tiers for PlayStation Plus, so if you don’t want to spend $59.99 on it, you can possibly just get it through your subscription.

This is some bittersweet news for fans as this means the spiritual successor is down and out, but it also means a bright future for Turtle Rock as they shift gears toward making a new game.

Turtle Rock’s Back 4 Blood Statement

“Turtle Rock Studios is actually pretty small for a studio making AAA games. We don’t have quite enough folks to continue working on Back 4 Blood content while we spin up another game – yes, another game! Given this, it’s time for us to put our heads down, get back in the lab, and get to work on the next big thing.”

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