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Annual PlayStation Plus Plans Face Noticeable Price Hike

Annual PlayStation Plus members will see pretty significant price hikes starting on September 6. This shouldn’t be too surprising, as last year, multiple European and Asian regions saw their own price hikes for the trio of plans.

Tucked away at the bottom of the PS Plus Essentials free games blog post was the reveal that starting next month annual subscribers will see a pretty significant price increase. The cheapest plan — Essentials — will go up by $20 while the higher tiers — Extra and Premium — will cost $35 and $40 more, respectively.

Existing annual members won’t see extra deducted from their account until their renewal date on or after November, though, changes made to your account, like upgrades, downgrades, or extra time, will update the plan to the new pricing if done after September 6. 

New PS Plus Prices:

Essential: $79.99
Extra: $134.99
Premium: $159.99

What do you think? Is Sony price hiking its service too much? Let us know below!

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