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Analyst: “Sony May Launch PSVR2 In Q1 2023”

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is suggesting that mass production of the PSVR2 is happening in the later half of 2022 while 2023 will house the proper release window of the accessory.

Kuo took to Twitter to share this lead and that Sony’s component providers will be starting with 1.5 million shipments. Sony’s goal to sell such an amount is admirable considering the original PSVR only managed to sell a million after eight months.

With VR getting more mainstream and arguably better, though, it’s possible that more people will be willing to dip into the PSVR waters with this new gen. It’s possible there will be more than meets the eye during the upcoming State of Play, which is set to have a lot to do with the games coming to the PSVR2. Perhaps it’ll offer a more concrete release window in order to confirm or squash what Kuo and others are hearing.

Yeah, others. Back in late February, PSVR2 Without Parole, a YouTube channel dedicated to all things PSVR, released a video posing the possibility of it getting delayed into 2023. Come April, Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young took to Twitter to purpose the very same delay.

People already assumed that it’d release during the holiday season this year, but if not, what’s another three months at least?

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