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Analyst Claims Sony Could Beat Microsoft With A Multimedia Streaming Service

Industry analyst Karol Severin of Midia Research believes Sony has the chance to overtake Microsoft’s Game Pass if it offers a multimedia service.

In an interview with some other analysts with, Severin claims that with Sony’s large catalog of not just games, but movies and TV shows, it has a leg up on Microsoft, who hasn’t really stepped into other industries other than tech in full force. In the same article, another analyst also notes that Sony could be under pressure to make an industry-shaking acquisition to offset Activision Blizzard falling into Microsoft’s arms.

With the success of The Last of Us show, it’s not too hard to see how a multimedia streaming service by Sony could give it an edge in this industry race.

“Sony has one of the most impressive content catalogues on Earth. Bringing it together in a subscription offering, for example, could pose a solid competitive answer to Xbox’s cross-platform efforts.”

What do you think? Would you pay Sony for a multimedia streaming service akin to Game Pass? Let us know below!

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