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Sony Under Pressure To Make Some New Major Acquisition

With the Microsoft-ABK deal closed, analysts believe Sony is under pressure to make some sort of new major acquisition. Sony has taken a small break from its small shopping spree of acquiring fresh developers, with Firewalk acquired this year.

Kantan Games CEO Dr. Serkan Toto spoke with, stating he believes PlayStation will put forward significant investments and acquisitions, but more specifically, a large one is needed to really “move the needle.” This isn’t too far off, as its last mega acquisition was *probably* Bungie last year.

Other analysts believe Sony will continue to remain active with mergers and acquisitions but also will keep its top-dog position during this console gen. Toto also suspects Sony will keep swinging with $70 blockbusters.

Analyst Karol Severin, meanwhile, believes Sony has an edge over Microsoft with its TV and film background.  Considering the success seen with The Last of Us show, we can’t really argue that Sony could go beyond what Microsoft is building up.

What do you think? What big studios would you like PlayStation to buy up? Let us know below!

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