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Amazon’s PS5 Stock Greatly Improves

As reported late last year, Sony has made an effort to make the PS5 stock improve and it seems to be really showing that off. While it isn’t quite down to a normal level yet, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to find the console on store shelves or online without going through a scalper.

For some, specifically the Amazon shopper, this great news is headed your way as the console — well, the God of War Ragnarok bundle — can now be purchased without waiting for an invitation. The standalone console, though, still needs an invite, but we suspect it’s just taking time to update.

Last time we checked, the bundle has remained in stock for over 24 hours, which is a landmark situation for PS5 stock on Amazon. Even in-store the console is popping up more, PSX Extreme staff are more readily able to either pickup at big box stores, or delivery to their homes through the store’s delivery service.

This comes after Sony revealed that PS5 sales “expanded significantly,” compared to its competition.

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