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Alone in the Dark

Alone In The Dark’s Main Focus Will Be Puzzles And Exploration

THQ Nordic is taking a leap of faith as it attempts to revive one of horror’s earliest hits — Alone in the Dark. The game is a reimagining of the first entry and promises to offer a survival horror experience.

During a GamingBolt interview, associate producer Andreas Schmiedecker touched on the gameplay mechanics and how while yes combat will be involved, it isn’t the main focus, though it will be “tough and intense.” Instead, the main focus will be on the puzzles and exploration.

The player will have to explore Derceto Manor, meeting its residents and cueing up clues. From the sound of it, the puzzles will be challenging and require some patience and non-linear thinking.

Alone in the Dark fades its way onto current-gen consoles on October 25.

Full Alone In The Dark Quote

“We feel the ‘haunted house’ aspect is a core pillar of what makes Alone in the Dark interesting and special. Therefore, exploring Derceto, meeting its residents, finding keys and clues and getting access to previously inaccessible areas will play a substantial role in the experience. Going into exploration and various puzzles without any aid will require some patience as well as a willingness to do non-linear thinking and finding your own path through the mansion. Many players will enjoy this; however we don’t want this to be a limit for players who enjoy going through the game a bit faster. This is why we are offering additional help with puzzles and navigation – they will affect how much information you will find on your map, how many hints you get for a puzzle and how easy it will be to find interaction points.” 

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