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Agent Was Going To Be Like James Bond

More info came to light about Agent, the PS3 exclusive Rockstar game announced during E3 2009 that’s since been abandoned and lost to time, with no indicators of life anywhere. With its trademark abandoned and the game no longer showing up on the dev’s website, it’s fair to say that it’s definitely canceled.

Earlier this month, though, former technical director Obbe Vermeij spilled the beans on his newly established blog about his time working at Rockstar North. Apparently, it was meant to seethe “classic James Bond” vibes where you were set to play — internally known as — Jimmy, which he described as a “Scottish version of James Bond.” Unfortunately, he was deemed a “distraction,” so he was scrapped.

Initially, the game was poised to be more liner than the Grand Theft Auto series and would take place in multiple locations sometime during the ’70s. Vermeij reminisced about working on a skiing level with firearms. After a while, Rockstar North had to get behind the wheel and work on GTA 4, and while the studio had sunk a year of development time into Agent, it wasn’t enough, and the game was passed off to another Rockstar studio where it now sits basically dead.

What do you think? Is it sad to know just how much was done before it was axed? Let us know below!

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