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What Grand Theft Auto 6 Should Improve Upon Its Predecessor

The GTA series is more than just a game since its debut in 1997. Many consider it as an inseparable aspect of gaming culture, as proven by the countless memes littered all over the internet. Even a person who has never touched a video game in his life probably knows that all CJ had to do was follow that damn train.

Grand Theft Auto V, as we covered, secured 5 million sales in 2023 alone. It’s been ten years since Rockstar Games published a new addition to the series. With such a long downtime between the current entry and its successor, people are expecting revolutionary improvements in graphics and gameplay. That and, along with GTA V’s worldwide success, the sequel has some pretty big shoes to fill. Even now, longtime fans of the series are clamoring and suggesting new or improved features that they want to see in the much-awaited GTA 6.

More/Elaborated Mini-games

Even with the earlier installments, the series is known for including mini-games. GTA V generously expands the list of activities you can do and even features more distinct side activities such as hunting deer and gambling in casinos. However, there are limits as hunting offers you nothing more than cash and the casino is often more of a money-burner than an actual game of chance due to its unrealistic difficulty. Perhaps this can be improved upon by readjusting the casino’s difficulty to be more forgiving, and hunting animals may yield more useful rewards such as using the animal’s meat and hide to function as a consumable or cosmetic.

In the meantime, while awaiting the release of GTA 6 with a hopefully more balanced casino, those seeking an authentic casino experience can explore the diverse range of online casinos accessible on the internet. There are thousands of online casinos worldwide, but we recommend reading reviews that provide comprehensive information. For Australian players, one such resource is Gamble Online Australia. This site offers ratings for each platform, along with details about bonuses, helping interested players identify the best platform to suit their needs.

Accessible Interiors

It’s an undeniable fact that GTA possesses one of the most immersive and memorable environments in gaming history. Unfortunately, many of these areas have inaccessible buildings, serving as nothing more than backdrops. While adding interiors to every structure in the game will probably consume every byte in your storage and leave any device attempting to render that much data in flames, it will be more immersive if the sequel allows its players to enter at least all major landmarks that can house unique loot or features, such as the cheeky Area 69 in GTA San Andreas.

Thief-level Stealth Mechanics

Grand Theft Auto. It’s literally in the name, yet the character sucks at being a sneaky little thief. The movement can be awkward and unpredictable at times, leading to foiled schemes and fatal mishaps. Stealth Mode replaced the crouch ability from the present games, but the fancier term does almost nothing but slow your character down and give you a false sense of confidence. If GTA 6 is to stay true to its name, Rockstar Games should consider making the players feel like an actual thief.

Make Making Money Less About Making Money

GTA V is the highest-grossing game from Rockstar Games, largely owing its success to microtransactions that players have purchased in its online multiplayer aspect, GTA Online.

While it’s definitely a good thing that Rockstar Games’ efforts are paying off, the power gap between those who pay for extra in-game currency and those who stick with grinding is grossly significant. Money is power in the GTA world, and enough of it is enough to single-handedly overpower and outmatch any free player. Perhaps GTA 6 can remedy this by implementing leagues that can separate powerful players from those who are still figuring things out. These will still encourage players to avail of microtransactions to climb the leaderboards faster while free players are safe from being overpowered. More information for GTA Online can be found here.

AI Overhaul

New players may not immediately notice it, but seasoned veterans are all too aware of the horrendous AI of the NPCs that just suck the fun out of the game at times. NPCs from GTA V have a bad habit of smashing into your vehicle without any rhyme or reason, detecting and shooting you even when you’re well-hidden, and being absolute bullet-sponges. While the AI’s ancient origins can excuse it for some of its shortcomings, fans are hoping that GTA 6’s modern upbringing provides a more realistic and less game-breaking experience.

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4 months ago

These articles annoy me. GTA games have a way more to do than 95% of games already and articles like this only want to put more expectations on it on top of that. Talk about Greedy.

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