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Four Timeless Open-World PS5 Games to Play Now

The opportunity to finish a mission or even the entire story of a video game in more than one way in open areas is used by many gamers around the globe. Of course, we’re talking about open-world games with nonlinear levels, missions, and stories.

Freedom and exploration, immersion, rich content, social interaction, longevity, and personalized progression are a few other reasons why the popularity of this particular genre is rising. This is especially true for PS5 gamers who witness the emergence of new titles every month.

There are some exciting new titles, but the fact is that several of these releases have become timeless hits. This article analyzes the 4 open-world PS5 games you should play right now.

Horizon Forbidden West

Even though it was released in 2022, this was one of the most anticipated games of that year, and players already know what they can expect from this title. Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn (2017).

We are well aware that there are debates about which title is better. Still, in our opinion, Horizon Forbidden West is a better choice not only because of its fantastic appearance but also because of its innovative nature.

Sure, the graphics are the first thing people will notice about this action role-playing game by Guerilla Games (published by Sony Interactive). In this case, you can see a detailed appearance of over a hundred characters, such as Zo, Kotallo, Sylens, Varl, and others, accompanied with stunning landscapes.

Also, you can expect new movement mechanics, innovative tasks, various gear, novel missions, challenging enemies, and more. The game induces a feeling of playing Horizon Zero Dawn, as there are many similarities between the two, with the former being an upgraded version of the latter.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another title that deserves a spot on this list is Read Dead Redemption 2. It’s been several years since its release (2018), but it’s still among the top 5 games for many PS5 players. Unlike Horizon Forbidden West, a sequel, this one is a prequel to the iconic Red Dead Redemption.

The story takes place in the late 19th century, somewhere in the Wild West, where Arthur Morgan, a gang member looking for redemption, faces lawmen, outlaws, and other villains. He also has the help of his fellow gang members trying to settle down.

Many things make Red Dead Redemption 2 special, like the vast and detailed open world with valleys, snowy mountains, fields, and more. You can enter towns, explore settlements, and ride through the wilderness.

Additionally, you can engage in activities such as fishing, hunting, and gambling. The latter is fascinating because this gameplay is very realistic.

You can play poker, five finger fillet, dominoes, and blackjack within the game. Some players claim that these activities are so immersive that they have helped them improve their results while playing live blackjack real money games in online casinos. As each player receives a $200 worth of tokens for gambling, they get to advance their skills in blackjack and poker, predominantly. Once they spend the amount, they must wait until the next day, so that the balance replenishes itself.

Ghost of Tsushima

Our list of timeless open-world games continues with Ghost of Tsushima. We have an action-adventure release focused on feudal Japan when it was under attack by the Mongols. Jin Sakai, a talented samurai warrior, plays the central role in the game.

Jin will become a legend known as the “Ghost,” whose mission is to protect the inhabitants of the Japanese archipelago. Precision combat and stealth are the approaches you can use to fight your opponents – Mongols or their Japanese collaborators.

Like the previous two PS5 games on our list, Ghost of Tsushima offers dozens of side missions and a primary mission with dozens of objectives. Players can enjoy various mini-games, like solving puzzles, creating haiku, taking hot baths, etc.

Compared to other open-world games, experienced players like the challenging gameplay. It’s tough to survive initially, especially when you have no skills or solid weapons and are outnumbered in almost every battle. Still, you’ll become stronger after some time, but it all happens gradually, making the game more thrilling.

Cyberpunk 2077

Let’s be honest – CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 had a terrible start. But, it was not the game’s content that was bad. Too many bugs at the beginning made many players angry for a good reason.

In 2021, Cyberpunk 2077 was updated for PS5 players. It puts you in the shoes of V, a mercenary who will eventually become a good guy trying to protect society from evil corporations.

Undoubtedly, this PS5 game has unique visuals you can’t find in other games, like cyberpunk elements (neon lights and panels, futuristic buildings and items with many details, etc.). The music and sound effects match the visuals.

Here, we have another huge open world that includes several districts. Unlike many other open-world games, this one lets you explore many areas above the ground (skyscrapers) and underground (tunnels, parking lots, etc.).

Besides the main story in which you search for the Chip of Immortality, many side quests feature original characters and stories.






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