Server Migration

We're currently in the process of moving PSX Extreme to a new server. We're expecting some downtime. All comments, forum posts, and other activities posted on PSX Extreme within the last two hours will be lost in the transfer, as

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Server Migration [update]

Everything should slowly be coming back online. During this migration, we lost about 15 comments posted within the last two days. I'll have an official announcement shortly. Stay tuned.

Extreme Duds of 2005

PSX Extreme's "Extreme Duds" of 2005 We were fortunate not to have reviewed a ton of stinkers here at PSX Extreme this year, but that doesn't mean we didn't play our share. You've seen our Game of the Year awards,

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2005 PSX Extreme Editor’s Picks

PSX Extreme Editors' Picks You've seen our consensus GOTY picks for the PS2 and the PSP, but today you'll get our personal choices of other games that we really enjoyed this year. These might not be the highest scoring games

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6th Annual PSX Extreme Awards (PSP)

6 th Annual PSX Extreme Awards PSP Aaron: The PSP launched with a bang. Lumines, Ridge Racer, Wipeout Pure, Hot Shots – they were all great games. Then things got quiet. Really quiet. UMD movies, which nobody really cared about

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